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Minecraft PE 1.20.81 for Android

Minecraft PE 1.20.81 for Android

Download the full version of Minecraft PE 1.20.81 for free on your phone: don’t scare the armadillo by running past!

Minecraft 1.20.81: Innovations

Correction of some mechanics await the player in MCPE 1.20.81

The developers have slightly changed the after-death screen, added decorative patterns and more tips for those new to the game.


Wolves have undergone significant changes in Minecraft 1.20.81. They are real fighters who will fight side by side with Steve.

The decision to increase the number of hearts from ten to twenty will have a positive effect on the survival of a comrade in trouble. If you feed your partner in Minecraft PE 1.20.81, he will now restore twice as much health.


The behavior of the Savannah Armadillo in Minecraft 1.20.81 has been adjusted. Mojang decided to make his habits more realistic.

It is enough for the animal to see danger, for example, a running player or undead nearby, and it will immediately curl up into a ball. In this position, it will not be possible to feed him with the spider’s eyes, and he will also be unable to move.

It should take about four seconds in Minecraft PE 1.20.81 for the animal to calm down and begin to function further.


The evil spirit of the element of wind - the whirlwind in Minecraft 1.20.81 has become a little more dangerous. Its explosions will push and throw the player during battle.

From the breeze you can get up to two rods, which will help you get powerful weapons in Minecraft PE 1.20.81.

Fact: a tornado breathes in the eye area, so you can’t drown it by spilling water on the floor.
Minecraft PE 1.20.81 for Android


ОS: Android 5+

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