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Minecraft 1.21.0 for Android

Minecraft 1.21.0 for Android

After the annual Minecraft conference, all players and fans became aware of what will be among the innovations in the big Minecraft 1.21 update. Among the interesting points: a new structure with new blocks and mobs (Challenge Chamber, spawner, Breeze), also now the game will have an automatic workbench for crafting items, and in Savannah you can meet such an animal as the Armadillo.

Exciting New Products

Here is a selection of the main points:

The upcoming update is focused on reworking mechanics and combat in Minecraft.

The official name has not yet been determined, but ready-made elements have already been presented that will appear in the coming updates.
Expect a ton of new content, including fun survival moments with friends.

The vote ruled in favor of the Battleship.

The first full version of the update is expected in 2024.

Trial Chambers

• A stunning new structure, filled with traps, monsters and valuable prizes, takes its place in the Overworld.
• It includes several floors and a large number of rooms, in each of which you will have to pass tests and use items to successfully complete them.
• Each room is randomly generated, making each run unique and exciting.
• You can go through these challenges with your friends, creating exciting co-op moments.
• The structure is made of Tuff and Copper, providing the opportunity to discover Pots, Copper Lamps, Candles and chests filled with valuables.
• Among the mobs summoned by test spawners you will meet Zombies, Cadavre, Slug, Regular and Cave Spiders, Small Zombies, Silverfish, Zimogor and Skeletons.
• Breeze and other threatening mobs also bring danger.
• However, there are some errors:
• Sometimes there are dead ends.
• This structure sometimes overlaps with others.
• It is possible that the loot will not always be distributed fairly, but this adds an additional element of uncertainty to the adventure.

Test spawner

The unique look of the mob spawner with elements of prizes is something exciting.

This spawner summons different monsters based on the characteristics of the surrounding blocks. For example, if there are ice blocks nearby, he summons Zymogorov.

After successfully destroying all mobs, players receive a valuable prize such as diamonds, emeralds, copper and much more.

Test spawner

After rewards are awarded, the spawner goes into cooldown mode for 30 minutes, emitting black smoke to indicate the process.

The uniqueness lies in the fact that mobs appear regardless of the light level, and this spawner cannot be obtained or created using conventional methods.

It is not subject to explosions and requires the use of a Spawn Egg to activate in creative mode.

The difficulty level does not depend on the number of spectators around.

It's important to note that when a spawner is destroyed, the Challenge Key drops, adding an interesting element to the gameplay.


The unique Automatic Crafter is an innovative device that can create necessary items when given a Red Dust signal. It is made using Red Dust, Iron Ingots, a Workbench and an Ejector, and it has an explosion resistance of 3.5 units. The crafter interacts with a comparator, which receives and transmits signals from the device. Its power depends on the number of filled and disabled slots.

Interestingly, the user can prepare the recipes themselves. To do this, you need to place the materials in the appropriate slots and send a Red Dust signal to start the crafting process. The mechanism also involves blocking unnecessary slots and transferring the necessary resources through the funnel.

When using the device, each Red Dust signal spawns one item, accompanied by the release of particles and sounds at the time of crafting.



A fresh, aggressive mob with unique characteristics. Lives in the mysterious Test Chamber, where he floats majestically around his Minecraft target. This mob attacks the player by firing wind projectiles. A direct hit from these projectiles causes minor damage and also knocks back opponents. If you get close, the mob can cause serious damage.

An interesting point is that projectiles interact with blocks, opening Hatches, Doors, activating Buttons, Levers and other mechanisms. However, it should be noted that this mob does not interact with Iron doors and hatches.

Unfortunately, during the testing process some shortcomings were identified. The mob constantly jumps, does not dodge projectiles, and sometimes even falls into hatches.



The winner of the Minecraft Live 2023 vote is an exclusive mob that has become a key focus. Key Features:

1. Lives in the savannah, creating a unique meeting atmosphere.
2. Does not show aggression towards the player, which makes it a unique and safe interaction.
3. When feeling danger, he is able to curl up into a ball, acquiring an unusual protective status.
4. As a result of destroying a mob, shields fall, which are valuable items for the player.
5. Shields can be reset randomly, adding an element of surprise to the gameplay.
6. The ability to independently obtain shields opens up new paths for players.
7. These shields can be used in crafting Wolf Armor, providing the player with unique protection and style.


Wolf armor

1. Special equipment for tamed Dogs, made from high-quality Armadillo Shields.
2. Armor significantly increases the protective characteristics and enhances the potential of the animal, making it more durable and resistant in battle.

Wolf armor


A wealth of new copper objects were introduced. Here are the key points:

1. A variety of copper objects, including exquisite copper carvings.
2. Making Carved Copper is a process in which two copper slabs with the same oxidation are combined in a Stone Carver.
3. Copper grid is a unique block consisting of 4 blocks of copper with the same oxidation. This block allows light to pass through, but interestingly, mobs within it are not killed, and the Red Dust signal does not pass through it.
4. Copper doors and hatches are not only a stylish addition, but also functional units. They oxidize over time and behave like building blocks, providing the player with interesting design and functionality options.


Copper lamp

Some features:

1. An efficient unit designed to illuminate the surrounding area.
2. Unique Feature: The block gradually fades as it oxidizes.
3. Turns on and emits light only after connecting Red Dust.
4. When activated by Red Dust, a point of light appears in the center of the block, creating a stylish and functional lighting accent.
5. Interesting detail: after the Red Dust signal is turned off, the block continues to glow, providing continuous illumination.
6. When using a comparator, the unit emits a signal with a power of 15 levels.
7. The crafting process includes 3 copper blocks with the same oxidation, fire rod and red dust, which adds uniqueness and style to this light block.

Copper lamp
Minecraft 1.21.0 for Android


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