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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft update is now available. This latest version brings in some of the experimental content from the upcoming major update, as well as some significant changes. Details can be found in our article and on the official website of the developers.

Experimental mode

• It is possible to activate “Update 1.21” in the settings.
• Added content from the new version, namely new options for copper and tuff blocks. From them you can create new doors, hatches and gratings, and from tuff stones you can create various elements for construction, such as walls or bricks. Like standard copper blocks, these have Waxed and Oxidized block options.


• A new game rule has been introduced called 'projectilesCanBreakBlocks', which is active (true) by default. When set to 'true', projectiles gain the ability to destroy some blocks.
• A new game rule has been introduced called 'showRecipeMessages', which is active (true) by default. When set to 'true', recipe notifications are displayed. For correct functionality, the game rule 'recipesUnlock' must also be set to 'true'.
• Projectiles cause the Chorus Flower to break.
• The pot has a functional use and holds items; if it breaks, the items will fall out. Interactions are now accompanied by sound effects. Can also interact with mechanisms.
• When interacting with such a pot, a vibration is generated, which is detected by sensors.
• Using the Redstone Comparator, you can find out the number of items in a decorated pot.
• Updated textures for the bat, and edited sound and visual effects.
• The learning interface has been improved, and a new feature has been introduced - Encyclopedia.
• Mobs on the run can now join current groups.
• There is a new notification about a murder resulting from a bed explosion in the lower dimension.
• Edited mobs generated in peaceful mode.
• Board IDs now have divisions.

Error correction

• There are no new fixes in this section; they were all transferred from test updates.
Minecraft PE for Android


ОS: Android 5+

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