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Kaidan: Haunted Legends Add-on 1.20+

Kaidan: Haunted Legends Add-on 1.20+

The Kaidan: Haunted Legends addon will introduce you to Japanese mythology and add new dangerous mystical entities to the game that will attack you as soon as they see you.

Set out to explore this world now teeming with new bosses like Yokai, Oni and a host of other supernatural creatures to fight epic battles and uncover the mysteries of these ancient legends. You will have to test your skills, courage, and strategic skills against the most powerful enemies from Japanese mythology.


This boss is the master of the sky and lightning, so when you encounter him, be careful, because he can easily lift you into the sky and deal damage.

• He has 200 health and attacks with 10 damage.
• If the player can defeat him, they will receive a new weapon enchantment and a mask that enhances speed and jump.


Oni King

It lives in dark pools and delivers a crushing blow with its sharp claws.

• He has 250 health and deals 8 damage to his victims.
• Upon death, you can get Kappa Shell (gives you the ability to breathe underwater) and Kappa Scale (needed to create armor).

Oni King

itimatu Empress

This is the queen of cold and ice, one look from her and you are frozen forever.

• She has 300 health and deals 12 damage to her victims.
• If you destroy it, you can get an item with which you can enchant your swords or any other weapon and a crown that gives protection in cold biomes.

itimatu Empress


A fallen samurai, who now, in the role of a spirit, wants to take revenge on everyone who enters his territory.

• He has 350 health and deals 14 damage to his victims.
• Drop on death: Haunted Blade (enchantment) and Samurai Armor (has increased stats).


Hotoke - The Godly Statue

• Has 400 health.
• Deals 10 damage.
• You can get Divine Essence, and Golden Statue Fragment.

The Godly Statue

Neko - The Demon Cat

• Has 300 health.
• Deals 12 damage.
• You can get Shadow Claw, and Cursed Whisker.

The Demon Cat


A demon whose face was distorted, and his sword would cut off his head in a matter of seconds.

• Has 500 health.
• Deals 15 damage.
• You can get Twisted Blades, and Mask of Chaos.

The Face-Twisted Demon with Swords
Kaidan: Haunted Legends Add-on 1.20+


ОS: Android 5+

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