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Wither Storm Addon for Minecraft PE

Wither Storm Addon for Minecraft PE

If you are not hard enough to survive and do not have enough formidable and powerful bosses, then we suggest installing the Wither Storm addon. The author added tests and improved mobu characteristics to make it more difficult and interesting for players to fight.


The player can summon a mob that has multiple stages. At each stage, the boss will have different characteristics and methods of attack, so players will need to choose their own tactics: potions, weapons, armor - everything will have to be calculated and applied wisely in order to defeat the enemy.
To kill the boss, you need to use special battle skills.

Wither Storm (1)


When you first meet you will encounter a mob you know. He will shoot heads and destroy blocks. His goal is to destroy everything around. He has a lot of health and deals over a thousand damage per hit.

Until the fourth stage, the boss will turn into a darker appearance, but the characteristics will be the same.

Wither Storm (2)

If you haven't killed this monster yet, then you'll have an upgraded Wither that is surrounded by thousands of blocks and is capable of firing a laser that can pierce through anything.

At the sixth stage of the mob, you will most likely be defeated if you have not come up with a destruction tactic. The weather will become ominous. you will see a real Wither Storm that will tear you apart in one second.

Wither Storm (3)

Wither Storm (4)


In the Chinese version of the mod, you will get another fearsome Ultra Drowned boss. Try to beat him.
Wither Storm Addon for Minecraft PE


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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