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Xenocraft Addon for Minecraft PE

Xenocraft Addon for Minecraft PE

The Xenocraft addon adds alien monsters to the world of Minecraft. In the game you will meet with a whole range of these dangerous creatures, you can interact with them, and you can try to defeat their boss - the Queen. Good weapons will help to cope with them.


In this mod, the author, inspired by the film of the same name, decided to diversify the creatures in the cubic universe with new monsters. They are very dangerous and have different behavior.

Xenocraft (1)

Xenocraft (2)

These seven beings are:

• Ovomorpha
• Facehugger
• Runner
• Drone
• Warrior
• Praetorian
• Queen

Some of them are very fast, and some are slow, but many times more dangerous.

Xenocraft (3)

Xenocraft: Remastered

This is a new update and is the second part of the mod. The author improved the creatures and finalized the models. Be careful and prepare to meet these creatures, keep in mind that there is no point in relying on armor. You need a powerful weapon. After downloading, you will get two types of weapons to fight monsters.


• Havok
• Colt 1911

To reload, take a weapon in one hand, in the other - a magazine.

Xenocraft (4)

Xenocraft (5)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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