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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

The complete edition of Minecraft PE has recently been made available for Android devices. The update includes a number of significant changes and innovations, such as the ability to crawl, an updated recipe system, as well as 11 improvements to ensure version consistency and 36 other changes that bring variety and improvements to the gameplay.

Experimental features

  • New ability to crawl:
  • Users have the option to activate it within the settings menu.
  • Move slowly in this position.
  • Accompanied by unique animation.
  • If there is very little space, then it is activated by default and vice versa.
  • You can't crawl in the water, only swim.
  • Set up the display camera and hitbox.
  • There is a squat animation in the miniature.
  • Unlocking recipes now works in the game and requires collecting resources to activate.
  • When the function is used, a notification pops up.


    Basically, everything was carried over from beta versions that came out before this update. But here's something worth noting:

  • Sounds and music are now dependent on the camera.
  • Sculk Sensor has become even more sensitive to sounds.
  • The Minecraft Realms multiplayer server now has an updated menu.
  • Adjusted the appearance of the keyboard for consoles.

    Resemblance to Java

  • The player's height while crouching is equivalent to one and a half blocks.
  • If the height of the space is 1.8 blocks or less, the player starts moving in a prone position.
  • In this case, the cameras themselves switch.
  • In order for the player to take a standing position, you need a height, that is, open space.
  • If the player is riding a horse, camel, etc., he can crouch.
  • Eliminated the suffocation effect when crouching.
  • Crouching no longer causes sudden movements.
  • The squatting process works stably and without failures.
  • As soon as an item falls out of the storage, it will be displayed in the central part of the block.
  • The player does not need a shovel to create a Boat.
  • As soon as the zombie villager becomes a normal villager, you can collect the drop.


    Most of the changes in the new version have been carried over from previous beta versions. However, there are several significant features that deserve attention:

  • Set up an error notification system.
  • Resolved issues concerning the interaction between villagers and new plants.
  • Camels no longer produce duplicated sounds.
  • It is possible to enhance the Magma Cube with an increased jump effect.
  • Ice does not interfere with Boats.
  • Tweaked creature generation to work at night.
  • When the Camel is damaged, the mob reacts correctly, and the damage animation is displayed.
  • The Sniffer no longer searches for airborne seeds.

    Technical update

    In this part of the innovations, there are 56 positions that relate to technical documentation. These edits are useful for moderators and testers.
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