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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

In the latest Minecraft PE update for Android, the developers have pleased the players with significant improvements in the recipe search system. Much attention has also been paid to the process of unlocking recipes, which should make the gaming experience even more fun.

The update included as many as 7 significant changes aimed at improving the functionality and playability of the game. Also, the development team focused their efforts on fixing as many as 21 bugs to ensure maximum stability and smooth operation of the application.

Recipe Update

• The new system for displaying items when entering their name in the search has become more intuitive and convenient for players.
• Players are now offered more relevant items when they start typing certain letters or words, making it easier to find the recipes they need.
• The system for selecting and displaying recipes has been significantly improved.
• Removing the experimental status of unlocking recipes allows the feature to activate immediately after world creation.


• The settings are announced on the screen.
• Changed the rate of breakage of blocks, for more efficient resource extraction.
• New Team that changes the required number of players to skip the night.
• Now players will be able to get resources from shulker boxes more quickly and effortlessly (by hand).
• Falling blocks drop when falling on Cocoa Beans.
• Projectiles sink into the Powdery Snow like mobs.
• On APPLE devices, there will be a low memory message.


• There are different sound effects when the Camel moves through different blocks.
• The used Map is now displayed in the center of the screen.
• When the player enters the water, the crouch button disappears.
• Potions can only be thrown forward.
• Now the Campfires in the Ruins do not start burning immediately.
• Rose petals can now be fertilized from Dispensers, making it easier to breed plants.
• During sleep, the screen dims properly, creating a smoother and more realistic sleep effect.
• The display of player name tags is displayed correctly.
• Stabilized the appearance of users on the first load of the world.
• All Element Icons are correct.
• All files open on iOS without failure.
• Vibrations are now noticeable at long distances.
• The vibrations also remain for some time after the items are stopped.
• Warden and Sculk Sensor detect the signal when objects fall.

Technical update

This section and new updates in it will be useful for mod developers.

Make backup copies of the worlds before installing the test version of the game.
Minecraft PE for Android


ОS: Android 5+

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