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More Bugs Add-on 1.20+

More Bugs Add-on 1.20+

Dive into the fascinating world of Minecraft with the More Bugs add-on! This mod introduces a diverse range of insects, enriching the game's ecosystem.

While these bugs may be larger than their real-life counterparts, there's no need to worry – most of them are harmless. Let's explore the buzzworthy features of this addon:

Key Features:

1. Insect Variety: Encounter a plethora of insects, from the tiny cricket to the formidable scorpion. Each insect contributes to the immersive natural environment of Minecraft.

2. Hostile Mobs: Beware of the Scorpion and Praying Mantis – the only two insects that pose a threat to players. Prepare for a challenge if you encounter these hostile bugs.

3. Useful Creatures: Some insects offer more than just visual appeal. Crickets, for instance, can be bred using wheat, providing a new source of food for players.

4. Taming Opportunities: Dragonflies and Ladybugs can be tamed, adding a delightful twist to your Minecraft companions. Form bonds with these friendly bugs as you explore the blocky landscapes.

5. Praying Mantis Weapon: Defeating the Praying Mantis comes with a unique reward – an item that can be repurposed into a formidable weapon. Turn the tables on your enemies with this special drop.


More Bugs (1)

More Bugs (2)

More Bugs (3)

More Bugs (4)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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