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Lance Furniture Add-on 1.20+

Lance Furniture Add-on 1.20+

Lance Furniture brings simplicity and functionality to MCPE with its small yet effective addon. Now, you can deck out your Minecraft house with essential furniture pieces that add both comfort and practicality to your virtual living space.

It's time to make your in-game home cozy and fully furnished without the need for complex additions.

Here's a list of the furniture items you can now enjoy in your MCPE world:

• Furniture Crafting Table: A special crafting table used exclusively for creating furniture items from the addon.
• Stainless Steel Ingots: Essential crafting material for the Furniture Crafting Table.
• Coffeemaker: Start your day right with a virtual cup of coffee.
• Microwave: Heat up your virtual snacks quickly and conveniently.
• Toaster: Perfect for toasting your in-game bread to golden perfection.
• Ceiling Fan: Add a decorative touch while keeping your virtual space cool.
• Portable Speaker: Bring your favorite tunes to your Minecraft world.
• TV: Enjoy evenings of entertainment on a big screen.
• Waffle Maker: A sweet addition to your virtual kitchen.
• Security Cameras: Keep an eye on your house or surroundings for added security.
• Small Table: A simple yet functional surface for various uses.
• Gaming Chair: Elevate your gaming experience with a dedicated chair.
• Fridge: Store your virtual food and keep it fresh.
• Couch: Unwind and relax on a comfy couch after a day of Minecraft adventures.

Lance Furniture recipes

For added security, the addon introduces Security Cameras that allow you to surveil your house or surrounding areas. Connect the cameras to a monitor by crouching and tapping on it, providing an extra layer of awareness and control over your in-game environment.

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ОS: Android 5+

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