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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Dive into the latest Minecraft update on Android to explore fresh gameplay elements, including novel mobs, blocks, and items, enriching your adventure.

Introducing New Entities and Features:

• Breeze: This mob, found in the Chamber of Trials, uses wind gusts to repel adversaries and interact with environment mechanisms, excluding iron doors and hatches.

• Spawner: Defeating mobs generated by this device rewards players. It spawns mobs based on player count, unaffected by light, with a 30-minute cooldown. Not available for use in survival mode, this object is immune to explosions and necessitates a spawn egg for placement in creative mode.

• The Trial Chambers: This evolving structure, crafted from Copper and Tuff, is nestled in the Deepslate stratum. It's packed with challenges, combats, and loot, featuring a unique spawner that unleashes various mob types, among which Breezes pose a continuous risk.

• The Armadillo: Found roaming the Savannah biome, this animal yields shields when defeated, which are essential for creating armor for wolves. It exhibits unique behaviors such as cocooning in defense, avoiding certain mobs, and showing no activity when curled up.

Craftable Items and Armor:

• Armadillo Shield: Acts as a key ingredient for making armor for wolves, sourced from Armadillos.
• Wolf Armor: This protective gear for domesticated wolves is fashioned from the shields of Armadillos. It's removable with shears and drops upon the wolf's demise.

Miscellaneous Additions:

• Test Key: A mysterious item from the block of Spawner with undetermined use.

Java Edition Parallels:

• Adjustments in fragment drops for Nether gold ore and lapis lazuli, with variations in enchanted and non-enchanted forms.

Enhancements and Bug Resolutions:

• A total of 60 improvements and resolved problems have been migrated from testing phases to ensure smoother gameplay.

Technological Upgrades:

• The update introduces around 96 innovations designed to optimize the content creation experience within the game.
Minecraft PE for Android


ОS: Android 5+

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