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Terraria 1.4 for Android

Terraria 1.4 for Android

Terraria game is a unique world that has similarities with Minecraft, but has its own unique features. The main difference is the graphics in 2D. It's a completely different gaming experience. Like in Minecraft, there are items that need to be crafted according to a recipe, various creatures, including very strong ones like bosses.

Terraria game offers a unique and addictive gameplay that is different from other games in the genre. It also has its own unique graphics that create a sense of atmosphere and amazing detail. If you are looking for a new experience in the sandbox genre, then Terraria is a great choice for you!

Beginning of the game

At the start, each player will have a basic set for survival - a pickaxe, a dagger and an ax made of copper.

To defend and destroy mobs, you will need armor and weapons. Minerals are needed to create. To find ores, go to the caves, where you can also find useful items.

The most powerful creatures here are Bosses. They are powerful, and it will take the best weapons and a lot of experience to kill them. But it's worth it because by killing this you can get unique items as a drop.

Gather resources and build your own house. Perform a certain set of actions to populate it with residents (nips) with whom you can trade.

What's new in the new version?

• The zenith range now includes a full screen crosshair and gamepad controls!
• Game loading speed increased!
• Now the learning option does not block notifications!
• Liquid Bombs and Rockets no longer crash the game!
• Improved autopause! Now, by default, it does not stop when opening the inventory.
• Bugs fixed.

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ОS: Android 5+

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