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Apex Legends BR Map

Apex Legends BR Map

On the Apex Legends map, a real battle in Korovlev style awaits you. Unique weapons and items will be available. Dynamic battles await you, both against each other and solo. You can choose the path of battle, or you can go on a lonely adventure to win the title of winner.

Core Highlights:

• Option to play with friends or alone.
• New types of weapons with simple controls.
• Well-built maps with excellent textures.
• You can play according to the strategy type, or you can choose modes to test your skills.
• Survival mode in royal style, with battles and adventures.

Solo play involves combat against AI-controlled opponents, enabling gameplay even when companions are unavailable.

Character selection offers three distinct classes, each endowed with unique abilities and gameplay approaches.

In-game challenges: The map is littered with an abundance of loot, including weapons and assorted gear for discovery.

Apex Legends BR (1)

Apex Legends BR (2)

Apex Legends BR (3)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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