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Minecraft: Phasmophobia Map

Minecraft: Phasmophobia Map

Embark on an eerie adventure within the Minecraft: Phasmophobia realm, where your mission is to uncover the spectral beings and gather tangible proof of their haunting presence. However, don't expect a smooth journey, as there will come a point when you become the hunted instead of the hunter, forcing you to flee for your life, evading the very ghosts you sought.


This unique pack draws its inspiration entirely from the captivating horror game bearing the same name. Prepare yourself for a thrilling pursuit as you delve into the world of ghosts, meticulously accumulating irrefutable evidence to substantiate their existence. With each piece of evidence collected, you'll earn lucrative monetary rewards, propelling you closer to becoming an accomplished and genuine ghost hunter.

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• There is a single player mode and multiplayer.
• Lots of custom items.
• Shop.
• 6 different maps with mechanisms and blocks.
• Ghosts have a unique behavior.
• High-quality textures and detailed environment.

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Rules of the game

Your start will be in the lobby, where you need to grab a few items from a chest to start your exploration. Then you will move to the building, where your ghost chase will begin.

Then walk around the rooms, explore every corner with special devices that track paranormal creatures.

As soon as you find an unidentified object, make sure that it is a ghost and collect all the evidence.

After that you can go home.

Evidence for the existence of a ghost includes:

• Low temperature (-5 degrees)
• EMF Level 5
• D.O.T.S. Projector
• Letter
• Spheres
• Spirit Box
• Fingerprints

Among the available items will be a flashlight, various recognition devices, candles, salt, tarot cards, a book and much more.

The game will have 13 types of ghost and different scenarios for their manifestation.

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ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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