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LAVA Parkour Map

LAVA Parkour Map

Welcome to the map with an exciting parkour mini-game called "LAVA Parkour" for Minecraft Bedrock! This is a unique and intense adventure where you will find tons of exciting parkour challenges and dangerous lava below you!

A seemingly simple task awaits you - to overcome obstacles in Minecraft, consisting of masterful jumps and tricks in parkour. But don't be fooled - the game has a significant level of difficulty that will put your dexterity and skill to the test.


Here you have to overcome incredible obstacles, jumping and jumping from one platform to another, skillfully maneuvering in the air and avoiding dangerous lava, which is always ready to devour you whole! Every step must be well thought out, and every jump must be precise, otherwise you will find yourself in the fatal embrace of the flaming liquid. You will have checkpoints to save your progress and gather your strength to move on.

Three unique levels await you, breathtaking scenery, and incredible moments of tension when you have to do the impossible to stay in the game.


LAVA Parkour (1)

LAVA Parkour (2)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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