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Skyfactory Map

Skyfactory Map

The Skyfactory map is a whole assembly that includes several mods. This is a kind of skyblock mode, but with some features. You will face the same survival challenges, but this time you will need completely innovative approaches.

The whole game will be an innovative take on familiar elements, enriching them with new perspectives. The concept of survival is the same - a limited island with minimal resources. Find innovative solutions to ensure your long life in this unique environment and defeat Minecraft's main enemy - the dragon.

What to do on the map?

You will start your survival on a small island, and instead of the usual conditions, you are surrounded by a majestic tree, reaching high into the sky. This is just the beginning of your unique path to success.

The main quest of this map is aimed at reaching the very heart of the End, where a powerful dragon lives. Your goal is to defeat him, overcoming incredible difficulties and challenges that you have to overcome along the way. An exciting journey full of trials and discoveries awaits you.


Included modifications that will open up new horizons of gameplay. Especially important is the Book of Quests mod, which will become your main guide in this world. By completing tasks from the book, you will gradually move forward, revealing new opportunities and ways of development in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The map is also focused on the multiplayer experience, allowing you to invite your friends to MCPE for co-op. Together with your friends, it will be fun and interesting for you to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and achieve common goals.


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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