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Shipbuilder Add-on 1.20+

Shipbuilder Add-on 1.20+

Embark on an unparalleled maritime journey with the Shipbuilder addon designed for Minecraft. This uncomplicated yet robust modification empowers you to transform your blocky constructs into operational ships, navigating the expansive seas of your creative imagination.

Key Features:

1. Ship's Wheel:

• Introduces the Ship's Wheel, a game-changing item that brings your structures to life. Place it on any-shaped structure, and watch it transform into a movable ship.

2. Seamless Movement:

• With the Ship's Wheel in place, effortlessly navigate your ship on both land and water. Enjoy the freedom of exploration and transport without the limitations of traditional structures.

3. Limitless Creativity:

• Build the ship you've always dreamed of using regular blocks. The Shipbuilder addon enhances your creativity by seamlessly integrating movement into your designs.

4. Floating Point:

• Utilize the Floating Point to control the depth of your ship's submersion. Strategically place it below the Ship's Wheel to customize your vessel's performance on the water.


Shipbuilder (1)

Shipbuilder (2)

Shipbuilder (3)

Shipbuilder (4)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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