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Far North Add-on 1.20+

Far North Add-on 1.20+

Far North is an exciting addon that transports the chilling beauty of the Arctic straight into your Minecraft world. With this addition, you'll encounter a plethora of majestic creatures and explore icy plains like never before. Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with unique animals and thrilling challenges.

Arctic Wildlife:

Venture into the frosty tundra and witness the Arctic's diverse wildlife in its natural habitat. From elusive foxes to graceful reindeer, each creature adds depth and realism to your Minecraft experience.

Far North

New Mobs:

Meet a host of new Arctic inhabitants, including the cunning Arctic fox, the majestic Narwhal with its distinctive tusks, the silent hunter Snow Owl, the iconic Reindeer, and the formidable Walrus. These creatures bring life to the frozen landscape with their distinct behaviors and appearances.

Realistic Behaviors:

Watch as Arctic animals exhibit lifelike behaviors, further immersing you in the frozen wilderness. From hunting for prey to basking on icy shores, each creature adds depth to the Arctic ecosystem.

Additional Features:

- Explore new biomes such as frozen wastelands, icy tundras, and hidden glaciers, each offering unique landscapes to discover.
- Craft custom items like warm clothing and tools to survive the harsh Arctic environment, ensuring your journey remains fruitful.
- Face unique challenges as you navigate the frozen north, from treacherous blizzards to hungry predators lurking in the shadows. Survival mode becomes even more thrilling as you fend off attacks from Arctic predators.


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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