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Every Major Minecraft Biome Seed

Every Major Minecraft Biome Seed

Embark on a new Minecraft adventure with our special seeds “Every major biome in the game”! Whether you prefer the lush landscapes of the Plains biome, the towering trees of the Forest biome, or the chilling challenges of the Ice Plains, we've got you covered.

Here are some seeds to kickstart your journey:

1. Plains Biome

• ID for quick search: -8336232278694069316
• Perfect for a classic start with abundant resources.
• Three nearby villages add to the excitement.

Plains biome seed

2. Forest Biome

• ID for quick search: -1434318224734479892
• Collect abundant wood for your constructions in this ageless biome.
• Look out for wolves as you explore the dense forest.

Forest biome seed

3. Wooded Mountains

• ID for quick search: 2146912665010824748
• Venture into the mountains and potentially encounter Goats.
• Delight in the picturesque sights of this varied biome.

Wooded mountains biome seed

4. Taiga Biome

• ID for quick search: 8604602720888324879
• Discover a village and a pillager outpost nestled in this snowy biome. The even terrain and abundant wood resources create an ideal starting point for your Minecraft journey.

Taiga biome seed

5. Mangrove & Jungle

• ID for quick search: -1034526310135164776
• Explore the fresh Swamp biome and venture into the adjacent Jungle.
• Encounter and a variety of other creatures in the Jungle biome (includes pandas).

Mangrove & Jungle biome seed

6. Ice Plains

• ID for quick search: 4877480507888768710
• Challenge yourself in the cold desert of the Ice Plains.
• Resources may be scarce, but the adventure awaits.

Ice Plains biome seed

7. Desert & Badlands Biome

ID for quick search: -4792435175493402032

• Visit the Badlands for unique resources and challenges.
• At first find a Desert Temple.

Desert & Badlands biome seed

8. Savanna Biome

ID for quick search: -7743278984968410134

• Explore the vast hot biome, a decent starting location.
• Encounter a village to kickstart your journey.

Savanna biome seed

Special Seed: Ocean Monument Bonus

• ID for quick search: -4809084514450820897
• Locate an Ocean Monument near the spawn point to add an extra challenge to your adventure. Use the marked location in the screenshot for easy navigation.

Ocean Monument bonus seed


ОS: Android 5+

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