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Minecraft New Survival Seed

Minecraft New Survival Seed

Use Minecraft New Survival Seed to start your game in ideal conditions. The player will be able to visit unique and rare structures and a diverse number of biomes from Minecraft. If you are a beginner, then it is recommended that you use this generation key to create a new world!

What the New Survival seed contains

In total, there are more than a dozen structures of a different nature: mountains, monuments, caves, pyramids, a village and much more.

The spawn point is on the island.


The island is washed by the sea, and at the bottom is the Ocean Monument.

Ocean Monument

If you walk deep into the forest, you will find the Temple.


To collect resources and minerals, you can go down to Lush Cave, which are located under the Temple.

Lush Cave

The desert biome contains the Outpost Ahead.

Outpost Ahead

The desert biome also has many caves, as well as mountains and a village.


The village, although far from the spawn point, but in it you can meet all kinds of inhabitants.


The island even has a pyramid, which offers a very beautiful view.


If you want to get a lot of diamond and amethyst, then head to the Deep Dark biome. There are many caves with useful resources.

Deep Dark

Use the Seed ID below to spawn in that exact spot.



ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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