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Magic Warfare Add-on 1.20+

Magic Warfare Add-on 1.20+

The Magic Warfare addon converts Minecraft PE into a universe filled with enchanting energies and mystical mastery, providing gamers with a variety of magical paths including Air, Moon, Shadow, and End Magic. This modification enhances the environment with additional dungeons and puts explorers to the test with mini-bosses, all of which can be confronted using newly acquired magical powers.

Guild's Tower Introduction: As players embark on their journey, they'll find a Guild's Tower spawning close by, housing essential NPCs. To gain magical powers, adventurers ascend to the top floor to seek wisdom from the Archmage, who also offers mana capacity enhancements.

Guild's Tower

Surrounding the Guild's Tower is a safeguarded zone, disabling certain spells to protect the structure. Rewards await at the base, provided by the Guildmaster for conquering boss foes.

Encounter with the Ice Crown Citadel: This formidable boss lurks within the icy realms, awaiting challengers who dare to shatter its frost core within a newly introduced structure. It unleashes devastating blizzard attacks and rewards victors with exclusive loot.

Ice Crown Citadel

Corrupted Altar Structure Discovery: This eerie new structure spreads corruption across its vicinity. A secret chamber inside holds treasures, revealed only upon destruction. To summon the Soul Wanderer Boss, place the Soul Wanderer's Head atop the inner soul block.

Corrupted Altar Structure

Confrontation with the Soul Wanderer Boss:

Face off against a malevolent sorcerer who commands the formidable powers of Soul Magic, among other capabilities. Vanquishing this foe grants Soul Essence, which can be traded for distinctive items within the Tower of the Guild, and there's a chance to obtain a Soul Totem, which provides immunity to wither effects if carried.

Soul Wanderer Boss

Magic Warfare splendidly broadens the mystical horizons of Minecraft, ushering players into a world dominated by sorcery, filled with dungeons awaiting exploration, formidable bosses to overcome, and esoteric wisdom to be unearthed.

Magic Warfare


ОS: Android 5+

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