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Loot Bags Add-on 1.20+

Loot Bags Add-on 1.20+

The Loot Bags addon spices up Minecraft PE by offering loot bags as a sporadic reward from defeating hostile mobs. Each bag contains a variety of items, ranging from common to extraordinarily rare treasures, making every mob encounter potentially rewarding.

The rarity of these loot bags adds an element of suspense and excitement to the game, akin to RPG adventures where every battle could yield a valuable prize. Discovering high-tier items like diamond armor or scarce blocks in these bags can turn an ordinary gaming session into an extraordinary treasure hunt.

Varieties of Loot Bags and Their Contents:

• Common Bags: Filled with Leather equipment.
• Uncommon Bags: Contain items made of Gold.
• Rare Bags: Offer Chainmail armor pieces.
• Epic Bags: Include Iron gear.
• Legendary Bags: The crème de la crème, housing Diamond equipment.

This addon effectively integrates a rewarding loot system into Minecraft, making each hostile mob encounter a chance at uncovering hidden gems.

Loot Bags (1)

Loot Bags (2)

Loot Bags (3)


ОS: Android 5+

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