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More Tools Add-on 1.20+

More Tools Add-on 1.20+

More Tools is a comprehensive Minecraft PE mod that enriches the game with an extensive array of tools, weapons, armor, and crafting options. Developed by dedicated creators, this addon aims to provide players with enhanced gameplay experiences and a wealth of new content to explore.

Key Features:

1. Expanded Crafting Options: More Tools introduces a wide range of new crafting recipes, allowing players to create and upgrade various tools, weapons, and armor pieces. The addition of netherite and other unique materials adds depth to the crafting system.


2. Enhanced Crafting Bench: The mod introduces an advanced crafting bench where players can upgrade items and unlock new crafting recipes. This workstation is essential for accessing advanced crafting options and enhancing gear.

3. New Armor Sets: More Tools adds six new armor sets crafted from materials like redstone, lapis lazuli, quartz, emerald, enderite, and steel. Each armor set offers unique properties and benefits, providing players with diverse options for protection and customization.

New Armor Sets

4. Variety of Weapons: Players can wield a variety of new weapons, including hammers, scythes, Leviathan axes, and battle axes. These weapons offer different abilities and advantages in combat, allowing for strategic gameplay and customization.

Variety of Weapons

5. Unique Weapon Properties: Some weapons in More Tools feature unique properties, such as the ability to summon lightning or resist knockback. These special abilities add depth to combat mechanics and offer players new tactical options in battles.

Unique Weapon Properties


6. Quirky Crafting Recipes: The mod introduces quirky crafting recipes, such as crafting iron swords with unconventional materials like carrots, cookies, potatoes, pork, and sweet berries. Players can also cook potatoes and pork using iron swords in furnaces, adding creativity to culinary endeavors.

Quirky Crafting Recipes

7. Enhanced Apples: More Tools includes new crafting recipes for enhanced apples, crafted from both familiar and new materials like emerald, diamond, quartz, redstone, enderite, and steel. These enchanted apples provide various benefits and buffs to players.

8. New Food Items and Decorations: In addition to weapons and armor, More Tools adds new food items and decorative elements to the game. These additions allow players to further customize their gameplay experience and enhance their in-game environments.


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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