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Boat Mod for Minecraft PE

Boat Mod for Minecraft PE

Install the Boat mod to quickly travel through the water and carry valuable items with you. This add-on adds a variety of types of sea transport. High-quality designs, beautiful textures and modern models will diversify your game and survival.

LEMO Attraction Boat

Think of this mod as a creative reincarnation of the boat models in the game. He brings an incredible variety, transforming and updating old designs beyond recognition. Instead of the usual forms, we now have models inspired by the style of motor boats, which adds to their unique elegance. It is noticeable that the dimensions of the new boats amaze the imagination with their majesty, they are significantly superior to their predecessors.

However, despite its impressive size, this mod provides a unique interaction for only one player at a time. However, I would like to add that there are six color options for these new models, which allows each player to choose a variation that suits his style and mood.

fotoboat 4


According to the creator, this mod grants five variations of boats with full functionality and outstanding designs. These magnificent models are motor boats, which automatically suggests their speed characteristics, comparable to the help of the wind in sea voyages.

Enter the command /summon add: Motor_boat_black to get a new vehicle. And, for the record, you can change the last parameter to instantly change the color of your vehicle to the desired one.


If something with the atmosphere of antiquity is close to your soul, then this unique boat mod for Minecraft PE is definitely for you. Sailing ships, galleys, oars and many other exciting elements await you, which will magically enliven your sea adventures.


While swimming, their speed of movement will remain at the level familiar from previously used models, but the design itself undergoes an excellent change towards romance and adventure dynamics. Most interestingly, you can even personalize the color of the sails to match your taste perfectly.

fotoboat 2

All in all, these all-new sea "vehicles" are sure to bring an incomparable change to your lifestyle, filling it with exciting sea adventures and the spirit of romance.

Swamp boat

This exciting boat mod offers a whole new level of transportation - now with chest support.

Therefore, by owning this mod, the player will be able to load all his precious loot on board the transport. Thus, the convenience and efficiency of transportation reach a whole new level thanks to this attractive addition.



ОS: Android 5+

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