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True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse Add-on 1.20+

True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse Add-on 1.20+

The True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse mod will throw you into real hell! After all, such evil spirits will inhabit your world that you will be shocked. Try to walk around your world in the zombie apocalypse in Minecraft PE (Bedrock).

Features of the zombie apocalypse mod

This modification removes all hostile mobs from the game, leaving only zombies. Well, of course, it also adds a lot of new zombies to Minecraft PE (Bedrock). So you can invite your friends into your world and fight for survival.


It all started with a virus that swept through all life in Minecraft! Some died instantly, but all the rest... turned into evil zombies of various types. Each zombie has its own abilities, some run fast, and some can even fly.

The immune system is trying to fight the virus, so when you see a resident in your world, know that the immune system is only trying to fight, and at any moment he can turn into a zombie.

Zombie functions

After you kill a zombie, you will see that its corpse will lie and decompose into 3 stages.

Stage 1

You can take his flesh by picking up a knife and cutting him.

Stage 1

Stage 2

After 2 seconds it will begin to rot, but you can also use a knife to collect its flesh.

Stage 2

Stage 3

You will be able to see the skeleton of this zombie! He will be a living dead man. But you can use an ax to chop down his skeleton and take away the bones. So the balance in the game is not broken. Despite the fact that mobs have been removed from Minecraft PE (Bedrock), you can still get the items you need.

Stage 3


You can also create weapons and turrets to defend against zombies in Minecraft PE (Bedrock).


She will target zombies and shoot at them. It will also have its own cooldown.


New weapons will also be added to the game, which can be found in chests along with ammunition.


You will need all these items to interact with zombies in the apocalypse Minecraft PE (Bedrock).


You can make stone, iron, gold, diamond and netherite. They are useless in battle. Knives are needed to cut flesh from zombies.



Money will also be added to the game, which can be exchanged for items from soldiers and survivors.


Using bones you can make bone meal. Using bone meal and coal you can make gunpowder. And rotten flesh can be fried.



You will also be able to find new structures, some of which will be abandoned. In them you can find the necessary artifacts in Minecraft PE (Bedrock).


This is an army barracks, which will have about 6 chests.



Here you can find ATMs and withdraw money. You can also find a lot of products in the store.


Energy specialist;



ОS: Android 5+

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