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Resident Evil Map

Resident Evil Map

Acquire the Resident Evil Map for Minecraft: plunge into a realm transformed by the onslaught of monstrous invaders, traverse the streets, and delve into each and every house!

What distinguishes the Resident Evil Map in MCPE?

Stepping into the shoes of the player, you're greeted by a compact chamber adorned with intriguing blocks, items, and responsive panels. Yet, this is merely the inception of your odyssey; a sprawling city awaits your exploration, far beyond the confines of a solitary abode.
The map is suitable for both single player and exciting games with friends.


In the handful of exits available at the starting point of the Minecraft PE player, not all roads are free - some are closed by mysterious constipation. However, by approaching a wall with a series of mysterious buttons, the explorer can unlock the exit by pressing at least one of them.


Furthermore, adorning the identical wall, the ingenious architect suspended informative plaques, providing arriving guests with a straightforward means to discern their intended route.

Presently, the Resident Evil map materializes as an expanse tailored for territorial investigation. Nevertheless, those who possess a bold spirit can harness modifications to infuse vitality into this ambiance, injecting an array of creatures and personas. This process enables the transmutation of renowned narrative occurrences into the game, facilitating jovial escapades with companions.



Emerging from their sanctuary, the adventurer shall encounter an array of structures lying ahead, transposed from the realm of Resident Evil. Venturing into assorted abodes, the Minecraft PE player will unveil a plethora of intricacies evoking memories of a recognizable narrative.


Certain items and blocks hold remarkable potential in propelling survival pursuits. The overall visage of the map encapsulates the ambiance of a forsaken city, where thoroughfares bear the weight of abandoned automobiles, and edifices are birthed from hush and desolation.

Particularly enchanting is the expedition through these domains during the nocturnal hours.



ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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