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City of Newisle Map

City of Newisle Map

The City of Newisle map is a large-scale replica of a modern metropolis that covers about 500 buildings, monuments, railway lines, and beyond its surroundings several more independent towns. If you're looking for a place to role-play with friends in a sandbox setting, then this is a modern and dense cityscape for you.

In addition, you can do research or survival, as each building is furnished and there is something to explore both within the city and beyond.

Main characteristics:

• Absolutely unique interiors can be found throughout the world, fully furnished to the smallest detail, providing a unique visual experience in every building.
• The public transport system includes 12 subway lines, an extensive highway network for road travel, and even some scenic rural rail routes for slow, peaceful travel.
• Each street and road is uniquely named and comes with detailed road maps for ease of orientation and navigation.
• Urban areas cover a wide range of styles, from modern commercial and business centers to enriched historic districts, each revealing its own unique atmosphere and character.
• Experience real life while interacting with a variety of role-playing game features such as a variety of shops with unique goods and attributes, as well as educational institutions, including schools and universities.
• A total of 7 exciting cities and cozy villages await to be explored, each revealing its own secrets and mysteries, inviting you on an exciting journey through diverse worlds and cultures.


City of Newisle (1)

City of Newisle (2)

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ОS: Android 5+

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