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Cyber Sport Add-on 1.20+

Cyber Sport Add-on 1.20+

Get ready to hit the virtual streets with the Cyber Sport addon, transforming the iconic Cyber Truck into a sleek and sporty ride. If you've been searching for a modified Cyber Truck, your quest ends here. The Cyber Sport mod takes the cool factor to the next level by giving the Cyber Truck a sporty makeover.

Cyber Sport Highlights:

1. Performance Boost: Experience speed like never before with the Cyber Sport. This modified vehicle can zoom at 5 Blocks/Seconds, providing a thrilling ride through the Minecraft landscape. Get ready for a speedy adventure!

2. Functional Features:

• Inventory: The Cyber Sport comes equipped with a Chest Container for all your storage needs.
• Health: With a robust health pool of 20 points, the Cyber Sport can handle the challenges of the Minecraft world.
• Seating: Accommodating up to 2 players, grab a friend and enjoy the ride together.
• Wrench: Need a quick fix? The wrench can repair 1 point of damage to the vehicle.
• Spray: Customize your Cyber Sport by using the spray function. Right-click or hold and tap to give your vehicle a unique look.

You can get this car using commands or through a summon egg in the creative inventory.

Toys Scale vs Real Size: Tip: Use an Invisibility Potion if you want to ride the Toys Version.

Cyber Sport (1)

Cyber Sport (2)

Cyber Sport (3)

Cyber Sport (4)

Cyber Sport (5)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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