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Reddy's Skin Pack

Reddy's Skin Pack

Download Reddy's Skin Pack to customize your character. Now in one click you can become a Warden or another mob! But just keep in mind that you can look like a mob outwardly, but this will not save you from an attack.

What skins are available?

1. Reddy in several variations.
2. Cat guy.
3. In Pingu skin you will look exactly like a sea bird.
4. The Gamer Creeper skin will not protect you from mobs, but it will add coolness for sure.
5. Unusual character Shiny Hisuian Zorua.
6. Old version of Reddy.
7. Sculk.
8. Blue and friendly Allay will be a great option for your character.
9. Or you can choose a Redstone Powered Creeper skin with a unique texture.
10. And the last option is Tails Doll.

Supports 3 languages (English, Portuguese, and Spanish).


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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