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Fancy Beds Texture Pack

Fancy Beds Texture Pack

The Fancy Bed Texture Pack will allow players to diversify the options for the main furniture in the game. Various colors and designs are available in the inventory. Each mod below will add some variety to the gameplay and allow players to be different from each other.

Fancy Bed

These simple textures will change the patterns of the duvet on the bed. Now your furniture will look more beautiful and realistic. All functions remain the same.

Detailed Furniture

This set of textures will give you the opportunity to choose and decorate the bed to your taste. You can choose a furniture frame or add toys. Such a change at least does not change anything, but it adds atmosphere and comfort to the game.

Better Beds

The texture pack is suitable for those who lack the comfort and warmth of home in Minecraft BE. New bed models and textures make them more realistic. The author of the assembly has updated the blankets for your bed. Many options will allow you to make your bedroom individual and cozy.

Fancy Beds (1)

Fancy Beds (2)

Fancy Beds (3)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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