ESTN Shaders

ESTN Shaders

Embark on a vibrant visual journey by installing the official release of ESTN Shaders. Watch as the Minecraft color palette undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, bathed in brilliant hues and lush tones.

These transformative alterations will blanket the sky, clouds, fog, and various natural textures, breathing new life into the game's aesthetics. As water ripples and leaves rustle, an enhanced sense of realism and excitement will captivate your senses.

Yet, rest assured, the mod's development retains the core essence of the game's original style, now elevated by the developer's masterful touch.

Below you will see a set of screenshots and more information about this build.


1. High-quality and realistic shadows. There is a possibility of different shadow casting on different devices.
2. Revolutionary incarnation of the sky with updated rendering.
3. Dynamic animations of water and plants.
4. Lively underwater landscapes with animation.
5. Monochromatic rain effect.
6. Fog, creating the impression of depth and mystery.
7. Impressive improvement in sunshine and moonlight.
8. Transformed lighthouse with a more realistic play of light.
9. A smart optimization system will also appear. It will improve the gameplay on weak devices, if necessary.

ESTN Shaders (1)

ESTN Shaders (2)

ESTN Shaders (3)

ESTN Shaders (4)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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