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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

In the latest Minecraft update on the Android platform, the developers introduced a number of exciting innovations, including unique gameplay elements and new mobs.

Among them are the Wind Charge Breeze and the mysterious Bogged, who can be seen as an interesting addition to the world of Skeletons.

Wind charge

Used as a weapon to introduce ranged combat. Has the following characteristics:

• Similar to Breeze's attack, but has 10% stronger knockback.
• Will only damage if hit directly.
• Is a drop of 4-6 units from Breeze.
• You can stack up to 64 pieces.
• Has a recharge time of half a second.
• The distributor may throw it away.
• When the player decides to jump to get up, they may suffer damage when falling back to the ground depending on how high they jumped.


• New version of the Skeleton.
• His weapons are poison arrows.
• Has 16 health units.
• Will attack once every 3.5 seconds.
• His drop is poison arrows.
• Location where it can be found: swamps, including Mangrove swamps.
• Also, the Trial Spawner can also summon him.

Experimental changes

• The text is now correct when summoning a projectile from the Breeze mob.
• The new weapon “Wind Charge” causes Breeze to lose health.
• Made the generation of new structures similar to the Java version.
• Added counter attacks for some mobs.


• When using the Luck enchantment, the drops are now more balanced.
• Beginning players will see hints, and there will be more of them as they progress.
• On the Realm history screen, you can see new texts with tips.


• Eliminated the return of unpatterned flags to inventory upon first use.
• You cannot apply Luck enchantments to flowers that are above average.
• You can get wheat seeds from large ferns.
• The error notification will be cleared by the command block as soon as the command is correct.
• Realm events work again without crashes.
• You can change languages in the game without freezing.
• Texture packs do not affect the display of the updated death screen.
• Loading resources does not lock the screen.

Technical update

• In this segment, present about twenty-six innovations aimed at enriching the creative process for game content developers.

Keep in mind that installing trial versions of Minecraft might introduce glitches that could affect your gameplay. To mitigate any potential problems, it's advisable to create backup copies of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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