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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

In the latest test version of Minecraft PE, now players will be able to see the updated style of the game icon, as well as enjoy new functionality related to recipes, crouching and other options.

Application icon

• Players will now see a redesigned apk file icon that displays the modern concept of the game.

Opening Recipes

In experimental mode, there are 5 new items associated with this feature. Namely:

• When using the command, notifications with hints appear.
• The chat command does not throw any errors.
• Feature usage notifications are accompanied by sound effects.


There are 5 points in this section. More:

• Depending on the distance from the Cherry tree, the player will notice different spawning particles from the leaves.
• Removed Suspicious Stew from inventory when playing in creative mode.
• The villager does not discard items he is holding.
• With the help of joystick control, squatting is done smoothly.
• Moved the button that is responsible for synchronizing the worlds to another section in the settings.

Similarity with Java

Work continues on common features between desktop and mobile versions. Main:

• Now the layers of snow will differ in height.
• Loose blocks will be destroyed on the boat.
• You can buy a cherry seedling.
• In the "Crawl" mode, the camera drawing is displayed correctly.


A lot of audio related fixes have been resolved, as well as other bugs. Main:

• Loose snow does not prevent the player from getting under the blocks.
• When the spikes damage the player, the sound effect is correct.
• The anvil sounds correct.
• Mobs correctly sound from damage.
• The map sounds correct when used.
• Breaking Obsidian sounds like breaking Glass.
• The correct sounds come from a large hardwood and a sea guide.
• Updated the spawn anchor sound.
• Adjusted the teleportation of mobs to the borders of chunks.
• Removed x-ray vision when using third person camera.
• You can see particles from burning in creative mode.
• The Squat and Crawl function has been improved.
• Fixed issues with broken animations of flying and hovering in creative.
• Fixed a bug related to crashes due to incorrectly saved chunks.
• Portal blocks The End are displayed without errors, as well as blocks through the portal.
• If a villager is infected by a zombie, then his profession will be preserved.

Technical update

39 points in this section related to the technical part, are aimed at improving the work for the creators of modifications.

Attention! When downloading the test version, be sure to back up your worlds so as not to lose game progress.
Minecraft PE for Android


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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