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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Download Minecraft PE (Bedrock) version 1.20.40, designed for Android devices. In this update we can find interesting innovations: a significant update to the range of goods available for purchase from villagers, as well as the ability to find enchanted books in various structures.

In addition, the developers paid attention to correcting annoying bugs that were identified in previous versions of the game.

Changes to trade with villagers

The developers have improved trade with residents. This time the changes affected the cartographer and the gunsmith.



- Offers armor in exchange for gems.
- Purchases iron blocks.
- Unique features have been introduced, tailored to specific biomes:
- Chainmail gear is available for purchase in jungles and swamps.
- You can find Cursed Diamond Armor for sale in the Savannah biome.
- In the taiga biome, you have the option to exchange for Diamond armor.


- Now maps purchased from a cartographer will indicate structures. This allows you to quickly navigate biomes and find structures.
Contents in structures
- Enchanted books are now discoverable within a range of different structures.


1. The icons representing structures on maps have been refreshed to be more visually appealing.
2. Mobile users now benefit from a user-friendly sprint button for Camels, simplifying the process of controlling these creatures.
3. The text auto-complete function has been improved, ensuring that the cursor is positioned at the end of the line for more efficient editing.
4. Shine parameters for Enchanted Armor have undergone a reevaluation, with shine now commencing at a reduced intensity and gradually increasing and decreasing over time.
5. Splash particles now emanate above the player's waist, enhancing the realism of the gaming experience.

Similarities with Java

A total of 26 updates have been made to make Bedrock Edition more similar to Java Edition.


Numerous adjustments have been implemented, encompassing over 50 enhancements that were uncovered and thoroughly tested in the game's beta iterations.
Minecraft PE for Android


ОS: Android 5+

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