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20 Days with Zombie Map

20 Days with Zombie Map

"20 Days with Zombie" presents an exhilarating Minecraft map, immersing players in a world engulfed by the relentless grasp of a zombie apocalypse. As the central protagonist, your journey is a true test of resilience as you strive to endure a harrowing 20 in-game days within this perilous landscape.

What to expect on the map?

Here you will have to rely on your survival skills and instincts. Look for chests that will become your salvation, you can find valuable resources and items in them that will help you replenish energy or deal with enemies. However, be vigilant, because every day will bring new challenges and dangers.

20 Days with Zombie

We advise you to invite your friends on this adventure, as playing together makes the events even more intense. Each hero will be given a limited amount of resources, which will create a competitive atmosphere in which the struggle for survival will become even more difficult and exciting.

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Prior to embarking on your gaming adventure, it is advised to delve into the intricate narrative that unveils the origins of the zombie apocalypse. This will infuse your experience with richness and facilitate a more profound comprehension of the universe you are immersed in.

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ОS: Android 5+

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