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Hello Neighbor In Minecraft Map

Hello Neighbor In Minecraft Map

Experience the thrill of exploring the cubic realm with the Hello Neighbor In Minecraft map, a standout choice among the most renowned horror games. As you navigate through this gameplay, your adrenaline will surge as you encounter an array of heart-pounding traps, spine-chilling sequences, and eerie audio cues.

Delve into the enigma surrounding your neighbor, but exercise caution to avoid attracting his attention.


Your character often hears suspicious screams from the house next door. An old man lives there, but what he does there in his basement remains unknown. You decide to enter his house and find out what makes you feel fear there.

Rules of the game

• Explore the house.
• Collect items.
• Engage in unraveling enigmas while deftly sidestepping perilous traps.
• Figure out how to open the door to the basement.
• Evade any encounters with your neighbor.

Changes in the new version

• Added new objects to the map.
• Fixed character and item textures.
• Improved animations.
• There are more traps and puzzles.
• New items have appeared.
• Fixed bugs during the end of the game.
• New location.

Hello Neighbor (1)

Hello Neighbor (2)

Hello Neighbor (3)


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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