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SERP Pokédrock Gen 3 - Pokemon Add-on 1.20+

SERP Pokédrock Gen 3 - Pokemon Add-on 1.20+

Download the biggest mod "SERP Pokédrock Gen 3 - Pokemon" with over 150 creatures. You will be able to integrate all processes related to Pokemon into the cubic world, namely creating pokeballs, training your pets, and you will also be able to go on adventures to catch Pokemon.

Core Features:

• Fight and receive battle rewards.
• You can now purchase items from this mod from the Villager.
• Utilize the Pokedex to view stats of any Pokemon.
• Navigate faster with a Bike.
• To grow or tame a mob you need to use Berry Trees. They grow candies and fruits that Pokemon love.
• Apply Mulch to Berry trees to hasten their growth.
• Find Evolution stones in cave formations, offering four varieties for Pokemon evolution.
• Utilize the Healing machine to restore your Pokemon's health.
• Keep your Pokemon in PC storage, which you can access with a Trainer Card.
• Use the Mega Evolution stone to achieve mega evolutions for your Pokemon.
• Use a Bowl of rare candies to evolve your Pokemon.
• Cultivate Apricorn trees for harvesting apricorns, essential for creating nine different types of Pokeballs.
• Capture and keep Pokemon in diverse Pokeballs, with successful catches marked by stars.
• Ride certain Pokemon by purchasing a Pokeride for 128 Pokecoins from the PC store.

Crafting and Interaction:

• Invoke Professor Oak upon entering a new realm to obtain your initial trainer pack.
• Exchange Pokecoins at the PC Market.
• Process pokemon fossils found from Fossilized rock at your Personal Laboratory.
• Visit Pokéstops that randomly appear for rewards. Interaction triggers bubble-popping for prizes.
• The Rotomarket, a mobile trading device, enables purchase and sale transactions and tracks your movement when specific items are in your possession.

poke recipes


Structures and Additions:

• Pokémon Centers appear naturally, serving as safe zones for healing Pokemon and resting.
• Generation 2 Pokemon, compatible with the initial generation, broaden the lineup by introducing more variety to the Pokemon selection.

trading pc
personal laboratory



SERP Pokédrock Gen 3 - Pokemon Add-on 1.20+


ОS: Android 5+

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