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Creator Tools Add-on 1.20+

Creator Tools Add-on 1.20+

The Creator Tools mod was created for users who love to create useful things for Minecraft. The addon adds a varied number of features that will help you quickly edit territories, copy and paste objects, and even rotate blocks. All this can be done without using commands.

Creative Mode inventory

Features available with this build:

Removing blocks by area.
Copying blocks.
Draining water and lava.
Space destruction with TNT.
Rotate blocks using Debug Stick.

Copying blocks

Copying blocks (1)

Copying blocks (2)


Activate experimental options:

This mod does not use player.json, so it is compatible with other add-ons.


Expansion Items

They can be found in the creative inventory: they are all enchanted.

Copying and pasting blocks
A tool resembling a hoe allows you to copy blocks.
Gotta point at the block and then take another hoe and stick
Embed using View Border.

Removing blocks

The tool removes blocks in a fixed radius.

Removing blocks

Removing blocks (1)

Drain the landscape

This action can be performed using the bucket from inventory.

Space destroyer

Shoots TNT blocks. It happens that the explosion does not occur immediately.

Block rotation

Debug Stick rotates blocks.
Press the sneak button and interact with the block.

This modification improves the textures of some blocks.


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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