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Item Physics Addon for Minecraft PE

Item Physics Addon for Minecraft PE

The Item Physics addon rewrites the laws of physics for a huge range of items in the fascinating universe of Minecraft PE. This innovative add-on gives game objects completely new physical properties, providing the player with a completely unique emotional experience in the universe of blocks. Experimenting with this mod will be especially exciting in survival mode, where events will become exciting and spectacular.

Experimental settings must be enabled for all features to work.


The task of this add-on is to add reality to the world of Minecraft. All elements will receive new properties.
For example, you will not see that some object is just flying in the air, because gravity is acting, and it will fall. If you throw a log into water, it will not sink, but will float. And in the fire, you can burn only those objects that really burn.


• When an object is thrown, it falls to the ground.
• Destruction, falling, and throwing are accompanied by animation similar to reality.
• You can only lift the object with your hands.
• All properties of blocks and fluids are similar to reality.
• Only hot objects can burn in the lava, others can sink or float on it.
• A tree can catch fire from a torch if thrown at it.

Item Physics (1)

Item Physics (2)

Item Physics (3)

Item Physics (4)
Item Physics Addon for Minecraft PE


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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