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Stairs Mod for Minecraft PE

Stairs Mod for Minecraft PE

Grab the Stairs Mod for Minecraft PE and embark on a journey to elevate the interior of your in-game abode with an array of novel constructions that let you reach unprecedented heights!

There are not always enough standard blocks to create your virtual dream home. This addition introduces some functional elements that allow us to improve the problem associated with lifts.

The special feature is that all these components will be available during survival and the player will be able to quickly create an item using a simple crafting recipe. Now rising to new heights will be much easier.

stairs mod


You can:

• Create stairs, steps, lifts from available objects and blocks.
• A wide palette of blocks allows you to create structures for different designs.

Thus, personal settings will satisfy all players with any preferences.

Interested in crafting stairs in Minecraft?

The basis of all structures are slabs. Creating them is not difficult, just place the elements according to the given recipe.

Although the author did not provide a rotation system, this problem is easy to solve. It is enough to place the blits next to each other for them to become functional.

This way you can create different designs in different styles and designs.

orange stairs

gree stairs

yellow stairs

craft stairs


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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