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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

In the latest update of Minecraft test version, the developers have made several changes, fixed bugs, and issues to improve the gaming experience. These changes will help improve the stability and functionality of the game, providing a better gaming experience for all players.

Here is a list of detailed changes:

• Now the character '/' is spoken.
• Items that are in quick access are also voiced.
• Notices about new ways to create items and blocks were removed as they did not carry useful information.
• Now chat messages will be displayed for 10 seconds and notifications for 3 seconds.
• The recipe for a Barrel of Sticks has been removed.


• Cloaks now animate correctly.
• Players will no longer encounter issues with getting stuck inside blocks.
• The removal of an Enchanted Book from a Carved Book will now trigger the appropriate sound effect.
• Convenient adjustments have been made to the slots of Carved Bookshelves, enhancing usability.
• Removed the automatic on the Stairs and Lianas.
• Boats work without errors with any version update.
• Horses and other creatures jump normally, with no scaling appearing.
• You can again simultaneously press the buttons in the game.
• The ability to unlock recipes has been removed from Spectator Mode.
• Fixed crashes and crashes.
• Mobs and hitboxes are correctly generated.
• Team time, shows correctly.
• Marine Explorer shines without errors.
• Mushroom mobs spawn correctly on fallen blocks.
• Riding a horse, camel, etc. works correctly and without switching.
• Improved cursor controller performance.
Minecraft PE for Android


ОS: Android 5+

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